Friday, June 18, 2010

Research in Progress

Well it is summer time and my teaching load is down and I am busy at work with my ongoing research of the Kennedy Assassination as well as my old project US Covert Intervention in Iraq, 1958-1963.

I need to look at a few more books before I give the post giving all the names of those involved in the assassination of Kennedy. I can tell you that I now believe that Lyndon Baines Johnson had more than just foreknowledge of the plot, but that he co-conspired with disaffected CIA. Barr McClellan was an attorney that worked in the law firm that handled all of Johnson's business and he has testified that a top attorney in the firm admitted organzing the assassination of Kennedy. His book was not in my prviously posted bibliography so here is the entry:

McClellan, Barr. Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK. New York: Hannover House, 2003.

This witness combined with the fingerprint of Mac Wallace (Johnson's hatchett man) on one of the boxes from the Book Depository and the testimony of Loy Factor in Glen Sample's book The Men on the Sixth Floor, and Madelline Brown's, Jack Ruby's, and E. Howard Hunt's testimony all provide primary source evidence for the science of history that Lyndon Johnson ordered the death of John F. Kennedy. Details later.

Regarding CIA intervention in Iraq from 1958 to 1963, I have made dozens of Freedom of Information requests with the CIA and the National Archives. I am still waiting for a reply on most of them, but I did get back some early fruit. The Komer to Kennedy Memo from Feb. 8, 1963 has been fully declassified as of this May 2010. It did say, as many of us reasoned, "CIA had." This is further proof that the CIA provided material support for the 1963 Coup in Iraq that put Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party in power for the first time. If anyone wants to see the PDF file showing both the previous classification and the newly declassified document click this link:

I have most of the post with the names of the Kennedy Assassination conspirators written. As I said, I just need to look at a few more books, write a little more and then I will post it.